Everyone has a limited life time and the way they use it

shows their art of living

In some certain point of life we may find out that

we need to focus on a certain part of the life or a certain activity

I think in this certain points the life may encounter a new phase

and if managed correctly will successfully enter a new life period

Being able to sense the opportunities in this turning points of life

is the art of living

 This art is the difference that make great differences between people

The way we go on in our life partly depends on the training we have had in our life

  In our childhood in school time and in university

When all these periods finish we still need other training

The relations we have with the people around us

the books we read

the media we choose for entertainment

and our other choices in life form and reform our life

Whenever we decide to choose another form of life

the new period of life begins for us

Writing about our life

analyzing our past

writing our wishes and opportunities for future is a creative way to build a better future

I strongly suggest to write our life and let it come true